[Mailman-Users] footers (disappear)

John Dell jdell at unr.edu
Tue Jun 10 21:57:49 CEST 2003

I also have a MM 2.1.2 list configured for U.S. English and see the footer 
'disappear' problem in outlook/outlook express.

When viewing these messages with KMAIL, I see two (2) <body part> sections in 
the email.  The first <body part> is the message, and the second is the 

So it seems to me that outlook is choking on displaying the second <body 
part>.  But I don't understand why Mailman is not putting the footer into the 
original <body part>?  Can someone explain why that happens?

When viewing the same message with Yahoo web mail, the footer shows up as a 
plain text attachment. So, again, it appears that the 'footer' is not 
inserted into the body proper of the email messages.

Disabling content filtering gave same results.  I also can provide a small 
list for further testing.  

Thanks for any assistance!

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