[Mailman-Users] Two memberships

Don Cooley cooleydd at pacbell.net
Sat Jun 14 05:17:48 CEST 2003

To All

I have a series of 15 or so lists all on the subject of prostate cancer.
I frequently post studies to two or more of the lists depending on
content.  This means some get multiple copies of these posted studies as
some members belong to two or more of the special prostate cancer
interest groups.

Is there anyway to set up a list that I could post studies to and every
member of the other groups (4,000 or so) would automatically be a
member.  For example lets say that the study list was list Z.  Someone
joins list A and the program would automatically make them a member of
list Z - the same would be true for subs and unsubs.

This would make it easier for my members and keep a better record of all
of the study posts.

Is there any way to accomplish this.

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