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Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Mon Jun 16 09:15:12 CEST 2003

On 16/06/2003 Richard Barrett wrote:
> >hello, i have in my mm_cfg.py:
> >PUBLIC_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER = lurker-index -l `lurker-list -c 
> >/etc/lurker/lurker.conf | grep -B2 "^%(listname)s$"|head -n1` -m
> >
> >is some thing wrong with this syntax? mailman doesn't restart:
> The problem is that in mm_cfg.py you are assigning a value to a Python 
> string variable.
> In your cae single quotes look to be the best choice, for instance:
> PUBLIC_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER = 'lurker-index -l `lurker-list -c 
> /etc/lurker/lurker.conf | grep -B2 "^%(listname)s$"|head -n1` -m'
> Whether the resulting command makes any sense is up to you.

ok, this command lets mailman start. but when i post:
==> /var/log/mailman/error <==
Jun 16 09:07:24 2003 (2098) external archiver non-zero exit status: 1

mh, so lets splie the command:
lurker-list -c /etc/lurker/lurker.conf | grep -B2 "^%(listname)s$"|head -n1
should give back a string that is the lurkers listname.
since lurkers listnamelength is limited to 16 (32) chars, but for
mailman much more are possible, i wrote a simple algorithm, that creates
an ancronym shortened to 16 chars of ever list, and names it that way in
lurker.conf. so i have to use this listname for the actual list here.
lurker-list is a simple configure outgiving software, and grep -B2
"^%(listname)s$"| head -n should for example for list 'imc-sysadmin'
give imc-sysadmn. could somebody show me some example python code where
i can test that? not shure if the %(listname)s usage in the grep regex
was right. so, any suggestions? maybe i can first create a var with the
lurker index name? in shell that would look this way:
lurkerlist=lurker-list -c /etc/lurker/lurker.conf | grep -B2 "^${listname}$"|head -n1
lurker-index -l $lurkerlist -m

do you have any suggestions how to do that in mailman config?


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