[Lurker-users] [Mailman-Users] external archiver second time

Wesley W. Terpstra wesley at terpstra.ca
Tue Jun 17 20:24:00 CEST 2003

On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 07:51:56PM +0200, Jonas Meurer wrote:
> these examples both work for me too. so really no mailman error. if I set:
> PUBLIC_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER = '/usr/bin/lurker-index -l imc-sysadmin -m >
> /tmp/logs 2>&1'
> cat /tmp/logs gives:
> opening database: Bad file descriptor
> to lurker list: any suggestions?

What happens if you run this command directly from the shell? 
It is possible I have bad error handling somewhere which is hiding the real
error message...

Could you maybe try:
PUBLIC_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER = 'strace /usr/bin/lurker-index -l imc-sysadmin -m >
 /tmp/logs 2>&1'
... so we can see what exactly lurker is doing?

> /var/log/mailman/error gives:
> Jun 17 19:42:58 2003 (5300) external archiver non-zero exit status: 1
> if i try
> PUBLIC_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER = '|/usr/bin/lurker-index -l imc-sysadmin -m > /tmp/logs 2>&1'

Is the | here perhaps in error? (I know nothing about mailman)

PS. My CC to mailman lists fails because I am not subscribed, sorry.


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