[Mailman-Users] Lists of lists question...

John Lockard jlockard at umich.edu
Wed Jun 18 20:58:57 CEST 2003

I have several lists that in best practice I'd like to
remain hierarchical.


staff.all    (all staff)
staff.pt     (PT staff)
staff.ft     (FT staff)

I would prefer to add full time staff members to the
staff.ft list only and part time staff members to the
staff.pt list only, and have staff.pt and staff.ft be
members of staff.all.  I would like to have all of the
staff lists be restricted so that only members of the
staff lists (staff.pt and staff.ft) be able to post to
any of the staff lists.

I would prefer to not have to add a full time staff
member to staff.all and staff.ft.  To allow a full time
staff member to post to staff.all I would like to be
able to just add him/her to the staff.ft list and not
have to add them to an "allow list" in staff.all.

Is there a way (or an easy way) to do this with Mailman?


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