[Mailman-Users] Apache should point to which folder?

Robert F. Kennedy rfk at eol.ca
Thu Jun 19 07:32:57 CEST 2003


I am attempting to set up several lists for the Toronto Shambhala
Centre, a non-profit organization. 

I just installed Mailman 2.1.2 to a brand-new full install of RH Linux
8.0, fully updated. I did my best to follow all the instructions but I
don't know what directory I should point the Apache server to or to
which file. 

I have looked for index.html files and xxx.cgi files within the install
directory but I can't find any cgi files and the only html files are for
other purposes. I have the correct permission set on ~/mailman/cgi-bin.
If this were a Majordomo install I could just use commands but the
instructions for the next steps require access to the web interface. 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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