[Mailman-Users] List creator's (authentication) password

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Mon Jun 23 21:55:34 CEST 2003

At 18:03 23/06/2003, Stéphane Comtois wrote:
>My question is simple, but the answer not so, to me.
>I am the administrator of a server. I have many domain.
>I want to give someone the privilege to create a list, how can issue List 
>creator's password?

btw: The INSTALL document in your mailman build directory says:

     - Create the site password using:

         % $prefix/bin/mmsitepass <your-site-password>

       This password can be used anywhere that individual user or
       mailing list administrator passwords are required, giving the
       mailman site administrator the ability to adjust these things
       when necessary.

       You may also want to create a password for the site-wide "list
       creator" role (someone other than the site administrator who as
       privileges to create and remove lists through the web).  Use the
       -c option to mmsitepass to set this.

But I am sure you have been too busy to read that document.

>I am reading your documentation for an hour for that!!
>Not clear... to say the least.

I did not realise that using open software at no charge and with no charge 
for support had become compulsory. You have my sympathy at such an imposition.

>Stéphane Comtois
>stephane.comtois at radikal4.com

Richard Barrett                                      http://www.openinfo.co.uk

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