[Mailman-Users] Yahoo! Group Archive Conversion

Tobias Brasier tobias at sc.edu
Mon Jun 23 23:02:43 CEST 2003

Many thanks to everyone who responded. I am running the Perl script now, 
and it seems to be chugging along. It now occurs to me I don't know how to 
import the archive into my mailman list. I checked the Admin pages and saw 
nothing. Any hints? My guess is the answer may depend on my ISP.

Again, many thanks.

At 04:13 PM 6/19/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Tobias Brasier said:
> > Does anyone have experience converting Yahoo! Group archives to mailman
> > archives? Many thanks.
>Yes yes! Do a google for Yahoo2mbox.pl! :)
>I converted a highly active list (about 200 subscribers, over a period of
>6 years) to mbox format just peachy :) It does, however, consume time, and
>depending on the size of the list, may take a few days.

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