[Mailman-Users] Question About List subscription.

multimedia-fan at myrealbox.com multimedia-fan at myrealbox.com
Fri Jun 27 21:27:29 CEST 2003

I posted this message earlier, but except from one helpful person that
responded through private email, I didn't see any suggestions.

I set up mailman with no problems, created the first list.

Tried subscribing myself from another email address, I still don't see
any confirmation emails, nor the email address listed in the member
list, nor held in approval/moderation queue.

Mailman service is running.

I tried another email address that I have and subscribed through the web
interface again.
It's been 48 Hrs and as a list admin I didn't receive the notification
(I set up the list to notify admin immediately), nor a confirmation
request, and I don't see that in held messages too.

Any suggestions where should I look for troubleshooting?

My current configuration is.

Red Hat Linux 7.2.
Python v2.1
Mailman v2.12

Thank you.

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