[Mailman-Users] Installing Mailman

Joe Newman frost at bboy.com
Sun Mar 2 23:05:18 CET 2003

Well, it does have mailing list software, I just haven't mastered setting it
up.  I'll work it out...thanks for the input tho.  So far, I haven't found
anything that beats my host.  750MB space and 20GB bandwidth.  Linux Server.
It's not bad.  But we'll see.  Thanks again.  Peace.

Joe "Frost" Newman
Out Of Breath Productions
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> Joe Newman wrote:
> > Yeah there is supposed to be some database thing where I can send to an
> > email list but I don't know how to set it up and it costs money to get
> > them to do it.  Money I don't have.
> Perhaps you want to look for a host that provides mailing list software as
> part of their standard package then.
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