[Mailman-Users] archive from text files or from .eml files

Jeff Hahn jeffh at gryphongardens.com
Mon Mar 3 20:04:38 CET 2003

On Mon, 3 Mar 2003, Adam Lipson wrote:

> I am setting up a new list (server as well) and my old list is on a  
> windows box with software by Lyris.  We are moving away and have all our 
> data saved in outlook and in a foxpro database.  To the best of my  
> knowledge neither of these can be exported to a Unix mbox file so am  
> kinda stuck as far as using the normal import to an archive.  Is there 
> another way to do it that I missed? > 

Adam - 

If your new server is a *nix box you can do this:

1.	setup IMAP server on *nix box
2.	copy folders from mail client to IMAP server
3.	Tada!


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