[Mailman-Users] install "Mailman" on my site lodged on a Internet Provider

Matthew Davis matthew.davis at dogpound.vnet.net
Wed Mar 5 04:14:24 CET 2003

* antoine (awaco at free.fr) wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new on this list.
> Creating a personal Mailing List :
> Is it possible to install "Mailman" on my site lodged on a Internet Provider .
> (because I have not a own personal Web Server)
> If yes, can you indicate some informations to do that
> or a HowTo, that I did not find on the Mailman site.
> Thanks
> Best regards
> antoine

I'm sorry but it will not be possiable to do by yourself if you do not own
the web server.  You need more permissions than you now have.  You will
have to get the sysadmin to install it for you if you need it.

> --------------------------------------------------------------
> (in French :)
> Bonjour,
> Je suis nouveau sur cette liste :
> Est -il possible d'installer le robot mailing list "Mailman"
> depuis un site internet logé chez un F.A.I. ?
> (je n'ai pas de Serveur Web personnel)
> Si oui, avez vous quelques informations ou m'indiquer un HowTo
> que je n'ai pas trouvé sur le site de Maiman)
> Merci
> cordialement
> Antoine

(In Southern English)

Howdy dar,

Its not gunna werk fer ya caus ya aint got da rite permessions ta do whatcha
need ta do.  Hers whatcha nead ta do, getcha one of dos ther old puters.
Den get lenux.  wit lenux ya can git malmen enstaled.

Matthew Davis

It's hard to make a comeback when you haven't been anywhere.

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