[Mailman-Users] Changing list name - any scripts or utilities?

Heather J. Lubinsky heather at pcgal.com
Wed Mar 5 22:42:27 CET 2003

The only thing it doesn't seem to change is the "more info on this list"

I don't have any problems with google and such because everything is private
and there are no links.

Anyone have any ideas how to change the "more info on this list" link other
than edited EVERY html archive file?

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On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 14:05, Todd wrote:
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> Heather J. Lubinsky wrote:
> > Has anyone written a script that will go through and change a name in
> > archives (ie look for a certain string like a link to the information
> > and change it to the new name.
> Wouldn't running ~mailman/bin/arch to recreate the archives from the lists
> mbox work?
> The mbox file should be in ~mailman/archives/private/<listname>.mbox

That should work, although you would still have the problem that list
archive links referenced from Google and other web pages would be messed
up.  I'd consider adding RewriteRule's to the web server to force all
references to the old lists to switch to the new list name.


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