[Mailman-Users] Investigating Mailman and have several requests

G Halley george at holylandtrust.org
Fri Mar 7 02:34:09 CET 2003

Thanks Jeremy!

 Yeah,  I was surprised to see the website didn't even have screen
 shots of the list manager's configuration pages.  I'm still looking
 for someone with a dead list that I can see what is actually

 And on the private replies -- I'm on about 6 different mailing lists.
 On some of them, typically ones without archiving,
 people like private replies to keep down the number
 of incoming messages.  If anyone wanted similar info, I would be glad
 to pass it on to them.



Thursday, March 6, 2003, 1:05:23 PM, you wrote:

JP> On Thu, 2003-03-06 at 12:52, G Halley wrote:
>> Howdy!
>> Currently we are using a perl based mailing list manager.  A recent
>> hardware change has made it appealing to use Mailman, but I would like
>> to investigate its features more fully.  If you can help, please email
>> me directly at GHHalley at earthlink.net

JP> By the way, it's considered bad form to ask for private replies.  If you
JP> expect people to give you free help, you can surely take the time to
JP> subscribe to the list and look for replies there.

>> 1)  How much control does the list-owners have through the web
>> interface?  Does someone have a dead list which I can use to look at
>> the  configuration webpages?

JP> This sounds like something the mailman project should have -- some
JP> demonstration pages that are non-functional, or at the least some
JP> screenshots.  Maybe these do exist but I haven't seen them -- anyone
JP> have any thoughts about this?

>> 2)  Is the database of user names, emails, and passwords internal, or
>> do I need MySql or another database up and running?  If so, (I have no
>> Linux database experience) how complex is the setup?

JP> The data is stored internally by mailman in files, so you don't need a
JP> database program like MySQL.

JP> --Jeremy

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