[Mailman-Users] changing case of lists on webhosts using cpanel.net's mailman package

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Sat Mar 8 01:13:37 CET 2003

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Hi all,

Is anyone here using the mailman packages on a web site managed with cpanel?
Unfortunately I have a few sites that are.  I thought that it was great that
they ran mailman (I know mailman, I thought).  The cpanel packages are
mailman 2.0.13.

The problem is that the cpanel folks patch mailman in various ways to make
it fit into a shared hosting setup.  One thing they do is tack on the domain
to the listname so that one mailman instance can have announce at domain1 and
announce at domain2.  The real_name of the list is set to announce_domain1 when
you create a list named announce.  The name that's displayed in the
interface is still just announce, but the URL's all have the _domainX tacked
onto them.  With me so far?

The problem is that they didn't really spend much time polishing their
patch.  If you try to change the case of a list you get an error:

    real_name attribute not changed! It must differ from the list's name by
    case only.

This is apparently because the list is really named announce_domain1.  But
if you enter Announce_domain1 into the Public Name field, it will change it
everywhere so that you now see the _domainX part on all of your listinfo
pages.  Pretty ugly.

Anyway, I'm trying to find out where to get a look at the source so I can
attempt to fix this for them.  Really, I just want it fixed for me, but I
doubt the webhost will apply a patch I send them. :)  So I want to try and
get a better patch into cpanel.

Does anyone have suggestions for where to get that info?  I've looked around
on cpanel.net and don't see any obvious mailman sources.  I also don't see
anything in their support forums about this.  Apparently no one using their
mailman package ever tries to change the case of their lists.  I'm asking
here first because I'm betting that someone on this list is more
knowledgeable than anyone I'll get a hold of via the cpanel website.


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