[Mailman-Users] help with bin/remove_members with 2.09

Mark Rauterkus Mark at Rauterkus.com
Sun Mar 9 05:49:14 CET 2003

Hi All,

I goofed and nuked the bin/remove_members, in Mailman 2.09. 
(Virtual server with FreeBSD, hosted at Bluehill.com.)

A friend sent me the file for Mailman 2.13. I've put it back into the proper
director, but no luck.

At the telenet:
% virtual bin/remove_members --fromall user at host
virtual: unable to execute bin/remove_members: No such file or directory

Yet other tools in the /bin work like above, listmembers, find_member, and
so on.

Perhaps the wrong verion matters? Perhaps because the remove_members was
from a Linux install and not a FreeBSD install?

So, if anyone can help, I'd love to use remove_members without needing to
unpack the entire distro.


Mark Rauterkus
mark at Rauterkus.com  http://Rauterkus.com
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