[Mailman-Users] aliases and smrsh

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Mon Mar 10 01:29:27 CET 2003

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Jon Carnes wrote:
> You can use the same aliases file, but genaliases creates one in the
> ~mailman/data/.. directory.  This particular alias file is wide open the
> the Mailman user.

Ahh, I thought with Sendmail they all stayed in the system /etc/aliases.
Shows what I know about sendmail.  I'm a postfix user myself. :)

Since the OP mentioned /etc/aliases I figured that he was using the
system-wide aliases file.  I'm still not certain why anything would have to
be changed after upgrading to MM 2.1, except for possibly the path to the
mailman commands.

> Some folks like to keep them separate. 

Yeah, I certainly do.  It makes life just a little easier.

As always, thanks for the clarification Jon.

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