[Mailman-Users] Lists stopped for dns problems ?

DOMA Peter zelinlist at pointernet.hu
Mon Mar 10 11:32:08 CET 2003


I have two middle-size lists at a debian server (mailman version:
2.0.11) with exim 3.35

I have the following problem:

Both lists stopped, the qrunner process got locked, the posts come in,
but does not go out.
I have the smtp-failure log full of these:

451 email.address at here (Cannot check <email.adress at here> at this time -
please try later)

I read the exim-users archive, and finally found that it's often caused
by dns problems.

I thought, that such a problem will not cause mailman to stop, but to
put these users to nomail.

The only thing i could do it to put them to nomail manually and then
clear the qfiles dir, because after putting them to nomail the .db files
countained their address and the system tried to send mails to them.

Is there any solution for this problem ?

Best regards,

Peter DOMA <zelin at pointernet.hu>

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