[Mailman-Users] Lists stopped for dns problems ?

DOMA Peter zelinlist at pointernet.hu
Mon Mar 10 14:59:59 CET 2003


> Ideally you fix the DNS problems if this is a general problem other than
> with a number of specific addresses.
> However there are a set of approaches for this as a general problem:-
>      1. Run a local caching DNS server, especially if you are more than
>         a 100Mbit link from whatever resolver you use.  Make sure the
>         MTA is using that resolver. djb's dnscache works OK for this -
>         see http://cr.yp.to/djbdns.html
>      2. Don't do DNS lookup (ie recipient verification) in the MTA for
>         Mailman traffic.  Instead let the MTA sort it out and deal with
>         the bounces.  For exim do something like:-
>         "receiver_verify_hosts = !" to prevent
>         verifies on mail recipients from a local Mailman install.

The second solution is great for me, i put it in, and the submission
time went down from ~28.5sec to ~0.05 sec :)

Thanks a lot


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