[Mailman-Users] How does MM 2.1.1 catch bounces? -- too many "Uncaught.."

John DeCarlo jdecarlo at mitre.org
Wed Mar 12 15:55:53 CET 2003


Have you read through these messages?  Some of the ones I get include 
"out of office" messages or other auto-generated messages that aren't 
really "bounce" messages.  I.e., they don't indicate a problem 
delivering the mail.

My theory is that when I have time I will try and filter out the most 
common ones with procmail or the like.

But you certainly don't want someone's account disabled because of some 
of these messages.

Martin Maechler wrote:
> We have upgraded to 2.1.1 about 2 weeks ago.
> We have about 20 mailing lists, totalling about 70-100 messages
> a day -- although mainly from one 1-3 lists.
> I've been getting half a dozen "Uncaught bounce notification"
> messages a day, and had been ignoring them more or less --
> hoping mailman would somehow do things automagically.
> Now that I've read the related info more carefully, I realize
> these are just the bounces that mailman is *not* able to deal
> with automatically.
> I've looked at some and really wondered _why_ mailman couldn't
> figure out the E-mail address that bounced when it looked very
> obvious to the human eye.
> - Hints?
> - To whom could I forward examples of these?


John DeCarlo, My Views Are My Own

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