[Mailman-Users] Problem solved: it was the MTA

Elena Fraboschi elena at inca.math.indiana.edu
Wed Mar 12 18:28:31 CET 2003

Well, I reasoned that mailman was working just fine, save for
the fact that it was not delivering any messages.  I went to

and there I learned that the makers of mailman, in an over-protective
move, commented out "Sendmail" as the Delivery_Module, and put
"SMTPDirect" instead.  All that is fine, except that there should
be a warning about this somewhere in the INSTALL docs.

I do know about the security problems with Sendmail, and I am
applying myself to patching my installation this afternoon.

But, from the point of view of mailman, once the correct
Delivery_Module was specified in Defaults.py, it works fast
as a whistle.

I am glad: the work paid off.  I am mad:  I hate it when something
as basic as 'Sendmail' is commented out because "You shouldn't be
running sendmail in the first place."  Fine, but tell me about it
in the README file.  I say it here in case another newbie writes
in the future with the same difficulty.

Many thanks to all who bothered with my problem.  Best, elena

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