[Mailman-Users] Proper Editing of Welcome Message

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Wed Mar 12 19:40:54 CET 2003

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David A. Mason wrote:
> I would like to tweak the welcome message of one of the lists on our list
> server in such a way that it would not invite the users to post to the list.
> I do not see an interface for this in the Mailman web interface, and I don't
> want indiscriminately to edit files in such a way that it would effect all
> of the lists.
> Is there a correct way in which to do this?

If you're using 2.1 you should copy the template file from
~mailman/templates/<LANG> to ~mailman/lists/<LISTNAME>/<LANG>

Then edit subscribeack.txt to remove the reference to posting.

If you're using 2.0 you can't do this without patching mailman to look in
the list dirs for templates.  I did this fairly easily using some
suggestions I found in the list archives.  But moving to 2.1 is much easier
and has many other benefits, so that'd be the ideal solution.

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