[Mailman-Users] Problem solved: it was the MTA

Elena Fraboschi elena at inca.math.indiana.edu
Wed Mar 12 20:29:57 CET 2003

Thank you, Todd, for acting so irate ;-) about my bypassing
the warnings and setting up sendmail "in the raw" as opposed
to going to it via SMTPDirect.

I guess I have demonstrated to be truly a newbie but...

there is hope for me.  I decided to look into the sendmail.cf
file, and it turns out that somehow the rest of sendmail
(including listserv) was working fine, but mailman was pickier,
and wanted the canonical domain of the host given there, in 
full.  The canonical name was not there; instead, only the
short name was given (it said "mafalda" instead of
"mafalda.math.indiana.edu").  I edited sendmail.cf


and now I can go back to having SMTPDirect.  Nifty.  Many thanks,
best, elena

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