[Mailman-Users] How can we ask for new "features"?

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Thu Mar 13 14:54:47 CET 2003

>>>>> "s" == schuetzen  <chasm at texas.net> writes:

    s> May dislike a lot about YHGroups but the programming they have
    s> done on their mix of mailman, qmail and Lord knows what else -
    s> is quite nice.  Support sucks but...  and there needs to be a
    s> lot more batch operation capability on the member database
    s> ... but it is still the friendliest interface out there.

Really?  Does YHG use Mailman?  I find that surprising since I'm
(un)fortunately on a number of YHG lists and I find their message and
digest formatting absolutely abysmal.

    s> Addressing one point - NoMail and Special Notices.

    s> with Mailman, we have a NoMail feature but not the SN.
    s> Personally, if I could do it, (but I take so much morphine I
    s> have lost all logical thought progression so I can obviously
    s> not program any longer), I would simply change the NoMail to a
    s> version of both.  ie, it would stop mail but would still allow
    s> the member to receive emergency/admin messages.

    s> is this a possible change?

I'm not positive what SpecialNotices are but if you join me for a ride
in my time machine (okay, okay, it's Guido's but he's not looking), I
think we can come close.

Mailman 2.1 has an Urgent feature.  If your message has an Urgent
header with a list admin or moderator password, the message is sent to
all the list members regardless of their nomail or digest settings.
Digest members will actually get the message twice, once as a regular
delivery and once in the digest, but that's fine.

    s> again, I have no idea what kind of language Python is nor do I
    s> wish to try to learn as I do too much self abusing every day by
    s> just looking at the scale, the mirror, yada <G>

Python is guaranteed to improve your self confidence, grow hair on
your head, lose 60 pounds, and add inches to the parts of your body
you want to add inches to.  It's low-carb, great tasting,
environmentally friendly, and occasionally likes to go out on weekends
and party in a family-appropriate way.

    s> would appreciate any info on where we could send our ideas for
    s> "improvements" of the software.  really wish this had been
    s> around 20 yrs ago!!!  sigh chas

Anything's possible with Guido's time machine!

The best place to lodge new feature requests is the SourceForge RFE



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