[Mailman-Users] README.POSTFIX

Elena Fraboschi elena at inca.math.indiana.edu
Thu Mar 13 20:22:58 CET 2003

I too decided to dump sendmail, and installed and now have
Postfix running just fine.  However, I am having problems
getting mailman to marry Postfix.

First of all, when I run 


I get

I never get

This does not *seem* to be a problem, however, since postfix
finds mailman, the messages get delivered to the digest.mbox
of the appropriate list ("mailman" list, in this case), etcetera.

The main problem is that I am back to square one.  The Outgoing
runner never picks up the message; it never spews it back to the
list.  It simply gets queued and added to the digest.mbox.

By the way, Postfix is working just great with listserv, so I
know that Postfix is fine, but Iwould much rather have mailman 
than listserv.

Yes, I have entered MTA = 'Postfix' in the mm_cfg.py file.
I just don't get it to deliver... :-(  

Any help will be much appreciated.  Best, elena

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