[Mailman-Users] Another RH newbie question

George Cohn gwcohn at bblabs.net
Fri Mar 14 03:56:40 CET 2003

Since this is "Pick on Redhat day", Ill toss in my two cents worth.

I built a server using the latest version of RH with Apache 2.X and

I downloaded the Mailman rpm and installed it and finally got the
aliases in the Postfix alias file.

The web interface is fine except for the "view archive" function which
returns a 403 error when I try to access archives.

But when I post to the new list, I get the following error message back:

   The Postfix program

<members at example.com>: Command died with status 1: "/var/mailman/scripts

Mail to the server works fine except for this problem.

I'm a relative newbie at this so please be gentle!

Any clues?


George Cohn

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