[Mailman-Users] Aliases file vs. Virtuserfile

Michael Clark mclark at cdtmail.org
Fri Mar 14 15:09:23 CET 2003

I just installed Mailman 2.1.1, python 2.2.2, Redhat 7.1, sendmail 
8.11.6. Mailman works great if I do not use a catchall email address 
in my /etc/mail/virtusertable . If I activate the catchall address, 
the addresses in the aliases file do not work. Is there a work around 
for this issue. I use the catchall feature to allow myself to create 
email addresses on the fly at various web sites. I realize this is a 
sendmail question, but it can't hurt to ask the gurus here as well. 
Thanks, Mike

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