[Mailman-Users] Terse Phrase and Reply To

Warren Woodward scratch at xmission.com
Mon Mar 17 20:32:17 CET 2003

After our upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1.1, it seems several existing lists 
have had the "terse phrase identifying this list" turn into the default 
"Reply To" in the list headers (ala personalization, where the phrase is 
the 'name' of the list).  

I can't figure out how to disable this. We'd like the reply-to to simply 
be the list address without this feature.  Some lists do this, others do 
not, even though on initial observation the configurations seem to be the 
same.  What am I missing?

warren woodward
XMission DSL
warrenw at xmission.com
(801) 303-0819

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