[Mailman-Users] upgrade problem

Erich Neuwirth erich.neuwirth at univie.ac.at
Tue Mar 18 19:45:58 CET 2003

i have the following problem:

i had to move the lists of a 2.05 installations to another
machine, running 2.0.13
it worked.
i did bin/move_list
and i changed the hoem site in the admin interface,
then the lists were working again.

not i tried to upgrade to 2.1.1
and that does not work.
still contains references to the old machine,
and i do not know hot top change that to the new machine.
bin/config_list -i newurl list
with newurl containing
web_page_url = 'http://my.new.site/'

did not solve the problem.
config.pcs still contains references to the old web site,
soem pages in the web admin interface show the old url,
and there is no way of changing this.

what do i need to do?

i could not find detailed documentation.

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