[Mailman-Users] multipe domains

Nik Engel news at bronson.de
Wed Mar 19 15:52:59 CET 2003

* Nik Engel <news at bronson.de> [030319 01:12]: 

> Hello ! 
> How can I configure mailman to create lists for multiple domains: 
> test.de test2.de ? 
> Is it possible ? Nevertheless I want all Lists displayed on the main
> listinfo page. Is this possible ? 
Soory the post was maybe not detailed enough. 
I read through all FAQ I could find, but there was no instruction to
set up mutliple domains with mailman. 
My problem is not postfix but the mailman config. 
I am using the debian package. When I type in newlist there is no
possibility to choos or specify the domain. 
Anyway I want to have someting like: 
all at test.de and another list 
all at notest.de !!!! 
This actually has to be possible, doesn't it ???? 

Maybe anyone can give me a hint where to search ! 

Thankx Nik 

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