[Mailman-Users] Updating virtual-mailman Database

Jeremy Butler jbutler at ua.edu
Thu Mar 20 16:36:15 CET 2003

I know that one is not supposed to manually edit virtual-mailman, but I've 
run into a problem where aliases were not deleted when I removed a list and 
then recreated it again with the same name.

Consequently, I've got duplicate entires (see below).

Any suggestions as to what I should do about this?  Thanks!

--- virtual-mailman ---

# STANZA START: scmscj
# CREATED: Wed Mar 19 13:43:35 2003
scmscj at www.cinemastudies.org              scmscj
scmscj-admin at www.cinemastudies.org        scmscj-admin
scmscj-bounces at www.cinemastudies.org      scmscj-bounces
scmscj-confirm at www.cinemastudies.org      scmscj-confirm
scmscj-join at www.cinemastudies.org         scmscj-join
scmscj-leave at www.cinemastudies.org        scmscj-leave
scmscj-owner at www.cinemastudies.org        scmscj-owner
scmscj-request at www.cinemastudies.org      scmscj-request
scmscj-subscribe at www.cinemastudies.org    scmscj-subscribe
scmscj-unsubscribe at www.cinemastudies.org  scmscj-unsubscribe
# STANZA END: scmscj

# STANZA START: scmscj
# CREATED: Thu Mar 20 09:27:49 2003
scmscj at cinemastudies.org              scmscj
scmscj-admin at cinemastudies.org        scmscj-admin
scmscj-bounces at cinemastudies.org      scmscj-bounces
scmscj-confirm at cinemastudies.org      scmscj-confirm
scmscj-join at cinemastudies.org         scmscj-join
scmscj-leave at cinemastudies.org        scmscj-leave
scmscj-owner at cinemastudies.org        scmscj-owner
scmscj-request at cinemastudies.org      scmscj-request
scmscj-subscribe at cinemastudies.org    scmscj-subscribe
scmscj-unsubscribe at cinemastudies.org  scmscj-unsubscribe
# STANZA END: scmscj

Jeremy Butler
jbutler at ua.edu


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