[Mailman-Users] Name or service not known

Marilyn Davis marilyn at deliberate.com
Fri Mar 21 23:04:05 CET 2003

I'm still pulling out my hair on this one, and a hairless woman is not
a pretty thing.  

It's still old 2.0.13 and I need to run that on this particular

I figured out that the SMTPDirect thing was going straight out a port
rather than piping to exim.  This is a standalone machine for
development and testing.

So, in my mm_cfg.py I put:


but it didn't fix it.

How can I get it to use sendmail (linked to exim) instead of the
SMTPDirect module?


On Wed, 19 Mar 2003, Marilyn Davis wrote:

> I'm setting up mailman/exim and when qrunner runs, no mail goes out.
> Nothing appears in exim_mainlog but $config/logs/smtp says:
> All recipients refused: (-2 'Name or service not known')
> I can't figure where this is coming from.  If I go to $config/qfiles,
> the message waits there.
> I can push the message out by using "exim -t < the_message.txt" so I
> think exim is ok.  All my "sendmail" files are linked to exim.  What
> else?
> Anyone have an idea what I've done wrong?
> Thank you,
> Marilyn Davis
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