[Mailman-Users] Can't start mailman

Martin Timm martin at placerouge.org
Sat Mar 22 12:49:52 CET 2003


I need your urgent help. It seems like the server has been shut-down
last night. So mailman stopped. Trying to start mailman again results
in the following message...

./mailmanctl -start
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./mailmanctl", line 524, in ?
  File "./mailmanctl", line 294, in main
    usage(1, msg)
  File "./mailmanctl", line 133, in usage
    print >> fd, _(__doc__)
  File "/var/mailman/Mailman/i18n.py", line 78, in _
    return _translation.gettext(s) % dict
ValueError: unsupported format character '[' (0x5b) at index 1133

Do you have any idea what to do?

Best regards,
 Martin                          mailto:martin at placerouge.org

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Die S/M-Listen: http://cailte.de
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icq: 257268800

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