[Mailman-Users] Mail and qmail/vpopmail

Brian Ipsen Brian.Ipsen at andebakken.dk
Sun Mar 23 18:36:22 CET 2003


 This subject might have been answered before, but I need to make sure:

I need to create a seperate process/instance for every virtual domain I have
on my server that needs to handle mailing-lists with mailman ?

 Right now I'm using it according to the info found at
http://nav.bandersnatch.org/clues/qmail-vpopmail-mailman.html - but somehow
it annoyes me that I have to create a seperate virtual host for each
mailing-list domain - and the other issue is the process that needs to run
for each domain.

Could the extra virtual domain be avoided using alias ?? Eg. for
domain.com - I would then have to create .qmail files in the virtual domain
directory for (if the list is named "list"):


?? And the contents of e.g. ".qmail-hosting-subscribe" would be:
|preline /home/mailman/listman-domaindir/mailman subscribe list

But is there any way to avoid having 50 mailman processes running for 50
different domains ?



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