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Larry Hansford lhansfor at lch-assoc.com
Sun Mar 23 22:37:38 CET 2003

At 02:54 PM 3/21/2003, you wrote:
>Hi, I run a small (max 400) email group for a nonprofit organization.  I 
>send emails to this group probably about 10 times weekly.  I just need to 
>be able to upload the entire list of of email addresses, and manage that 
>list myself, and send emails to that entire list as often as I need to.
>Is your software good for this?

Yes, perfect fit.  You can create an "annoucements only or Newsletter" type 
list that only you can post messages to.

>   Also, are there any adds that will pop up on the emails?


>   We want ad-free emails, if at all possible.

Mailman is run on your server, and is not a "sponsored" program that uses 
advertisements.  I assume you are running a Linux-based e-mail server to 
which you can install and interface Mailman.


>thanks for your help
>Susan Leibtag
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