[Mailman-Users] Before Upgrading from 2.1b6 to 2.1.1

Tom Hanna tph3 at cornell.edu
Tue Mar 25 00:11:01 CET 2003

Hi, good people,
Looks like the community is highly focused on and motivated about the 2.1.1 

I do the day-to-day Mailman list management and list creation. I do not do 
the installs. I championed a recent upgrade, and need your input:

We have a linux/POSTFIX server, and our upgrade from the late 1.xx on a 
linux/sendmail server to 2.1b6 on linux/postfix server was, according to my 
key person, "non-trivial."  Therefore I hesitate to ask for the upgrade 
from 2.1b6 to 2.1.1.  Can users and guiders tell me:

1. How valuable is it to move up from 2.1b6 to 2.1.1, given our POSTFIX 
environment on a linux box?

2. In the operational setting, is the upgrade install from 2.1b6 POSTFIX to 
2.1.1 POSTFIX trivial?  Or non-trivial? Please explain. (Don't want to 
overload my most valuable colleague! ;)

ICYAW*, I found 186 recent postfix queries on this list on version 
upgrades, and this is way more than I can sift to answer my own questions.


*In Case You Are Wondering

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