[Mailman-Users] 2.1.1 directory creation, BSD

Gregg Siegfried gsiegfried at wsipc.org
Tue Mar 25 19:05:50 CET 2003

I have a recently upgraded 2.1.1 installation on an openbsd 3.0 machine.
My 2.0.x installation stripped attachments from all messages, so this
did not come up.  In this instance, there has been a request from list
owners to allow attachments..

The first problem I'm having: When the scubber attempts to create the
directories under archives/private/<list>/attachments, the chmod(2775)
at line 332 (Scrubber.py) fails, resulting in the message being shunted.

BSD systems, of course, do not require the setgid bit on directories to
inherit the group ownership.  However, the instruction in README.BSD
does not affect these calls - setgid on directories seems to be fairly
well ingrained.

To be honest, I don't know why the chmod is failing - the qrunners are
running as the mailman uid/gid, and all the necessary directories are
owned by mailman.]

After the message is processed and shunted, I can run check_perms and
get this:

directory permissions must be 02775:
directory permissions must be 02775:

If I run check_perms -f and then unshunt the message, it delivers fine.

A different, but possibly related, problem I'm having with attachments:
After unshunting and delivering these messages, I am finding in the
archives that the files are being stored improperly.  In particular, my
.pdf files are being stored in the archives as .exe files. (?)  On the
lists themselves, however, the attachments are being delivered properly.

I had been running 2.0.x for a year or so, and have a fair bit of
experience with it.  I've installed & configured another 2.1.1
installation on one other box, an OSX machine, and experienced none of
these issues.

MTA is postfix, although that should not matter for this, since it seems
"self contained" to Mailman itself.

Advice Appreciated
Gregg Siegfried
grs at wsipc.org

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