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M.G wrote:
> i recently purchased a webhosting package at Gisol....
> they sent me to you regarding setting up a mailing list

That's quality tech support. :)

> from what i've read....this is not a simple process...
> so in layman terms.....where can i find the instructions i
> can understand?

It depends on what your web host has done for you already.  If they expect
you to install mailman yourself, then you'll need to be familiar with
compiling programs, and configuring apache and a mailserver (I always
recommend Postfix, but some crazy people still use Sendmail :).

If they've already installed mailman for you, then it will depend on what
version they've installed (2.0.13 or 2.1.1).

I tried to peek at they're site to see if they mention which version they
have installed but didn't see it.

2.0 didn't have any way to create new lists via the web interface, it had to
be done on the command line, though many web hosts setup a web front-end to
do this.  But that's something that only your web host can (and should) tell
you how to use.

2.1.1 has a way to create lists via the web interface.  Just visit a URL


and fill out the form.

In either case, you can also do this from the command line (assuming you
have that kind of access to the server).  Use the newlist command, found in

> i am a private business owner, my main objective is
> to send periodic updates regarding new products

Once you get mailman installed you'll want to look at the sections of the
FAQ that detail the creation of an announcement list.

> the names i have on my mailing list are for my
> company's eyes only.....i need the security of this.

The names should be as secure as the server they're housed on.  If it's
mission critical data, you might not want to trust it to a shared host.

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