[Mailman-Users] Thank you all.

Steve Huston huston at astro.princeton.edu
Wed Mar 26 20:41:56 CET 2003

(Please reply privately for the sanity of the other lists, if you feel a reply
is needed; or at least trim out the lists you're not a member of)

I just wanted to drop a line to all the developers of the programs I setup
recently for our mailserver, and thank you all.  Sometimes the people who work
hard to bring the good programs to us don't get the recognition they deserve
(especially when reading lists like these where you usually only hear of the
problems people have).  Everything's working very well, was painless to
install, heck even the users here like it.

So again, thanks for all your work.  It is not unappreciated :>

Steve Huston - Unix Systems Admin, Dept. of Astrophysical Sciences
 Princeton University  |     ICBM Address: 40.346525   -74.651285
   126 Peyton Hall     |"On my ship, the Rocinante, wheeling through
 Princeton, NJ   08544 | the galaxies; headed for the heart of Cygnus,
   (609) 258-7375      | headlong into mystery."  -Rush, 'Cygnus X-1'

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