[Mailman-Users] Help Newbie trying to get working..

Sullivan, John jsullivan at mlsnet.com
Thu Mar 27 00:04:32 CET 2003

Ooh one other thing - 

1. How can I test that Mailman is working with sendmail correctly? 

Thanks all

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Comments are in-line with your questions.  BTW How Newbie are you with
Linux?  Its hard to tell from your EMails -- Sounds like you are brand
new to RH8, but do you have experience with other releases?  I will
modify my explanations depending on your knowledge.  For example, I've
played around on RH 6.2 box for two years as a part time job.

> Thanks for your info George..

> A few more questions.

> 1. I installed the MailMan package during the Red Hat Server installation.
> It look like it installed MAILMAN in /var/mailman/

     Good -- That is what I did, too.

> It seems to have done a few of the steps for me - create a mailman user
> Mailman group.

    Good -- and you should have a mail user and group for Sendmail and
    a Apache user and group for Apace.  All three users are needed for
    Mailman to run properly.  Three users are run to increase the
    system security.

> It moved some of the jpgs into my apache install -

    I never had to do that.  Evidentially, they were already there.
    (I hate having to move simple icons -- so I skipped it!)

> The apache installed a little different then I am use to and being a
> it has confused the hell out of me.

    Have you configured Apache before?  If not, there are a bunch of
    questions to resolve about how you do your webserver.  We may be
    able to do those questions over the phone.

    If you have configured Apace before, I was also surprised by Apache 2.
    I had time to learn it though as I was migrating the websites from
    my RH 6.2 box.  Overall, the configuration files are simpler.  The
    RH 8 install placed all of the Mailman config files in the file
    /etc/httpd/conf/httpd-mailman.conf file.  All you have to do for
    the setup, is move this file into /etc/httpd/conf.d/ directory.
    Oops, I did uncomment the one line which is suggested in the file.

> In /var I have a www folder - and in /etc/ I have what looks like all of
> configuration files.

    Correct.  I didn't dwell into the /var/www folder, but it is where
    you can find the apache documentation and where RH expects you to
    put CGIs and websites.

> I am assuming I need to edit the httpd.conf as I don't think the redhat
> install took it that far.

     The RH install provides the default configuration.  Works pretty
     well, but typically gets modified as you build web sites.

> What should my httpd.conf file look like considering the information above
> as to where my installs are.

     This is non-mailman specific.  So let's take it off the list and
     talk about this.

> 2. Also not sure if this a related issue but http server gui that comes
> RedHat freezes up on me everytime I try to edit the properties - any

     Are you configuring from a desktop GUI?  I don't have experience
     with this.

     Questions like this are more appropriate for the Red Hat 8
     mailing list.  I am also a member of this.  The mailing address
     for this list is psyche-list at redhat.com I signed up for it
     somewhere on the Red Hat website.

> Thanks for your help..

     Keep passing questions, I'll answer as I am available.  For once,
     I can help someone!!  Yeah!

> john

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