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Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Sat Mar 29 03:30:31 CET 2003

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Jerry Feldman wrote:
> Is there a good way to install Python2 without deinstalling Python1.5.
> Then configuring mailman 2.1 to use Python2. 
> We are on Red Hat 7.1.

Hmm, well, if you like installing things via RPM, you could try grabbing the
python2 source rpm from Red Hat 7.3 and rebuilding it on 7.1.  In 7.2 and
7.3, Red Hat has included both python 1.5 and 2, with python-2 being in the
python2 rpm and python-1.5 being in the python rpm.  Since many of the Red
Hat system apps require python, it's probably a good idea to leave the stock
python rpm there and install python2 in addition to that.

If you've never rebuilt rpms, you should be able to simply issue a command
like this:

    rpm --rebuild python2-2.2-16.src.rpm

and end up with a binary rpm suitable for your distribution.  Sometimes you
need to tweak a few things in the rpm spec file to make this work.  None of
this is too hard, but it can be frustrating if you've never done it before
and you've got a deadline.  I don't have any 7.1 installs around to test
this on so I can't say if the source rpm will rebuild cleanly for you or

> I suppose we could build mailman from source, put python2 into
> /usr/local. 

That's certainly an option as well.  You could also upgrade the box to 7.3,
which includes both python 1.5 and 2.2.

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