[Mailman-Users] Sample virtual domain in mm_cfg.py?

Ray Dzek rdzek at solarbugs.com
Mon Mar 31 17:46:45 CEST 2003

Can somebody provide a sample of how virtual domains are set up in the
mm_cfg.py please?  I am getting a strange error when I send email to a
list at seconddomain.  I get an error from the first domain saying that
post at firstdomain is not a valid user.  It generates a bounce to the poster,
but the mail does go through to the list.  Postfix is processing mail to
both domains correctly outside of Mailman as far as I can tell.

RedHat 8
Postfix - postfix-1.1.11-5
Mailman 2.1.1

Also, when I add_virtualhost(seconddomain.com:portnumber, seconddomain.com)
to mm_cfg.py it errors out on the ":" specifying the port number.  Using a
port number works fine for Default_Url_Host

Thanks in advance.


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