[Mailman-Users] Internal Domain Resolution

Sullivan, John jsullivan at mlsnet.com
Mon Mar 31 18:06:23 CEST 2003

Hi - 


I am running RH 8 with Mailman 2.0. I am having a problem emailing the list
from my internal network. 


The list is setup to resolve the domain lists.mlsnet.com 

I can send emails to the list from any external account - Ex. Hotmail. 

But I cannot send emails to the lists from my regular corp email
jsullivan at mlsnet.com <mailto:jsullivan at mlsnet.com>  

Also when I send to the list from an external account - Ex Hotmail - It gets
delivered to everyone on the list except for registered users from the


I guess there is some kind of domain name resolution problem going on but I
am not sure where to fix it. Also I am not sure whether it is a RH config or
a mailman config. 


Thanks for your help.. 





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