[Mailman-Users] Changes to archive pages

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.demon.co.uk
Thu May 1 01:14:18 CEST 2003

At 23:55 30/04/2003, Paul H Byerly wrote:
>Richard Barrett wrote:
>>Articles being archived by the code running under mailmanctl are probably
>>still using a cached copy of the old version of the article template.
>>When you amend any templates you should probably use mailmanctl restart so
>>that the new version will be reloaded and used for future archiving.
>      That did it, thank you so much.  Apparently there is no way to do a 
> per list change, but I think I can make it work with relative URLs.  Now 
> I just have to hack the cookies.

I believe you can have list-specific templates by putting them in the 
directory  $prefix/lists/<listname>/<language>/

The same issue applies regarding running mailmanctl restart after 
creating/changing templates in such directories.

><>< Paul, learning more than he planned to

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