[Mailman-Users] Changes to archive pages

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Thu May 1 20:06:33 CEST 2003

Richard Barrett, who's children I bless to seven generations, wrote:
>In the light of your experience I took a more comprehensive look at the 
>source code and tried using the alternative template locations on my MM 
>test system; I do not actually use this feature on my MM production system.
>The code that actually gets templates from the file system uses a caching 
>scheme for the contents of template files, presumably for performance reasons.
>In my view, the caching scheme is broken because the key to the cache only 
>uses the name of the template file and the language. Thus, once a file for 
>a given langauge has been cached, regardless of which of the sources it 
>was obtained from, it is that template that is used from the cache by all 
>lists, regardless of the existence of a template in a preferred source in 
>the file system for any given list.

      I think that is what the note at the top of the HyperArch.py file was 

>I have produced a patch file to fix the problem which you can obtain from 
>sourceforge at the following URL:
>If you would like to try the patch and let me know if, with it, MM finally 
>produces the results you expected.

      I applied the second version of the patch, and that did it.  Putting 
the file archive.html in $prefix/lists/<listname>/<language>/ results in 
the changes on all new archived posts for <listname>.  Also, changes to the 
file are picked up WITHOUT a mailmanctl restart, as is the case with other 
template changes.

      Many many thanks.

<>< Paul 

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