[Mailman-Users] Changes to archive pages

Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Thu May 1 20:33:33 CEST 2003

At 19:06 01/05/2003, Paul H Byerly wrote:
>Richard Barrett, who's children I bless to seven generations, wrote:
>>In the light of your experience I took a more comprehensive look at the 
>>source code and tried using the alternative template locations on my MM 
>>test system; I do not actually use this feature on my MM production system.
>>The code that actually gets templates from the file system uses a caching 
>>scheme for the contents of template files, presumably for performance reasons.
>>In my view, the caching scheme is broken because the key to the cache 
>>only uses the name of the template file and the language. Thus, once a 
>>file for a given langauge has been cached, regardless of which of the 
>>sources it was obtained from, it is that template that is used from the 
>>cache by all lists, regardless of the existence of a template in a 
>>preferred source in the file system for any given list.
>      I think that is what the note at the top of the HyperArch.py file 
> was about.

Nope. That is a whole different task which is looking for a volunteer with 
the intestinal fortitude to attack the pipermail code.

>>I have produced a patch file to fix the problem which you can obtain from 
>>sourceforge at the following URL:
>>If you would like to try the patch and let me know if, with it, MM 
>>finally produces the results you expected.
>      I applied the second version of the patch, and that did it.  Putting 
> the file archive.html in $prefix/lists/<listname>/<language>/ results in 
> the changes on all new archived posts for <listname>.

That is what I hoped you would find

>Also, changes to the file are picked up WITHOUT a mailmanctl restart, as 
>is the case with other template changes.

This is a side effect rather than a deliberate attempt to avoid mailmanctl 
restarts after making template changes.

You do not want to rely on it as it will only happen under rather specific 

Once a particularly named template file has been associated with any given 
list in the cache, changes will not be picked up without a mailman restart 
except where another list is  going to use the exact same template from the 
same directory and gets its first post since mailmanctl was last started. 
Under those circumstances, the "shared", cached template will be 
"refreshed" and subsequently used by all lists having an association with 
it in the cache.

But as a counter example, under the following scenario, you will have 
problems. If for a given list it starts out using the article.html file 
from $prefix/templates/en; then you add a list-specific article.html to 
$prefix/lists/<listanme>/en/; this list specific article template will not 
be picked up until you do a mailmanctl restart.

Trust me, do the mailmanctl restart as a matter of course after changing 

>      Many many thanks.
><>< Paul

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