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Joe Hoot jhoot at nowcom.com
Thu May 1 19:48:17 CEST 2003

The Lyris is an older version (4.2) and is distributing these using its
own MTA.  But we've had problems with it sending out messages and lyris
doesn't give good logging.  So I was thinking of trashing the lyris and
migrating to mailman so that I could have sendmail or postfix logs.

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* Joe Hoot <jhoot at nowcom.com>:

> I'm thinking of converting a Lyris newsletter list over to Mailman.
> We currently have 200,000 users.  We are using a Lyris 4.2 server at
> the moment running on RedHat 7.3, (2) 733mhz procs, 512 ram 133 mhz
> bus, and a couple of mirrored drives.  Should Mailman handle this
> kind of load?

a) Why do you want to switch?
b) More interesting: What MTA do you use to deliver this?

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