[Mailman-Users] Python 100% CPU

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.demon.co.uk
Fri May 2 21:22:35 CEST 2003


Came across your post but could not find any followups. Did you ever 
resolve this problem and if so how? Another user is reporting a similar 



At 17:35 30/03/2003, Ray Dzek wrote:
>Okay ...
>Mailman 2.1.1
>Python  2.2.1-17
>Postfix 1.1.11-5
>I finally appear to have the right combination of --with-mail-gid
>and --with-cgi-gid.  I am not getting those errors anymore.  I had several
>other "issues" because I am running dual instances of Postfix and had a
>hostname circular reference problem that also needed to get fixed (total
>n00b action on my part).
>So...  Now when I send an email to my test list, python grabs all the CPU
>and just hangs there until I kill the process.  There are only 3 addresses
>in the list.  mailmanctl and qrunner are both in the process list.  There
>are no log entries with a time stamp with when I sent the test mail accept
>this in /mailman/logs/qrunner:
>Mar 29 16:52:03 2003 (1010) OutgoingRunner qrunner caught SIGTERM.
>Mar 29 16:52:03 2003 (1010) OutgoingRunner qrunner exiting.
>Mar 29 16:52:03 2003 (5227) Master qrunner detected subprocess exit
>(pid: 1010, sig: None, sts: 15, class: OutgoingRunner, slice: 1/1)
>Any ideas?   Thanks in advance.
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