[Mailman-Users] Feature Request? Possibly it already exists.

jsmith jsmith at smittybuilt.com
Sat May 3 21:37:51 CEST 2003



I am very pleased with the features in this program.  I have several
lists up now using mailman 2.1.1 and I am about to upgrade to 2.1.2


One of my list owners is looking for more information about each user.
I know most lists would not require this and some would never add this
feature.  Basically this is a Job Posting and Networking list for
possible jobs for Marines getting out of the service.  They would also
like to have basic fields similar to adding your name to the account but
expand it to include a few more fields.  Address, Phone.  And of course
the options to not show this to anyone.  As of now I am going to setup a
sql db to capture this data.  Would it be easy for me to add it to
mailman? I am no programmer but I can follow instructions and read up on
this IF its possible.  I found nothing like this in the archives.


Any and all direction in this matter is greatly appreciated.


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