[Mailman-Users] Not able to mail or web server from the Mailman host - another idea?

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Mon May 5 02:18:27 CEST 2003

If it's of any help, you really only need two addresses per list:

Folks can send requests directly to the list (as long as you have the
list set to intercept requests - "Administrivia turned on").  You will
have to live without confirmations of subscribers unless you want to add
an alias for <listname-confirm>.

If you downgrade to 2.0.13 then you can live without the
<listname-bounces> address as well.

Good Luck - Jon Carnes

On Sun, 2003-05-04 at 01:38, Heath Raftery wrote:
> Hey folks,
> A Mailman newbie here, wondering if my scenario is workable. I've got 
> Mailman 2.1.1 running well on Mac OS X 10.2. Unfortunately, while I can 
> serve to the local network, I cannot mail or web serve to the greater 
> Internet, despite having a routable address there are firewall 
> restrictions I have no control over.
> I've got sendmail using a "smart host" successfully, so Mailman sends 
> its emails to the the Internet fine. I was considering using fetchmail 
> to receive emails, but have now discovered that by default, Mailman 
> sets up mailing lists with some 10 aliases for different tasks. It is a 
> little silly for me to sign up for another 10 email accounts for every 
> list I create (even if I only create 3 or so).
> Perhaps Majordomo or something else would be more suited to this, but I 
> was wondering, since most subscribing and unsubscribing will be done 
> with email commands (since I can't web serve from this computer), if 
> instead of having different email addresses for different tasks, the 
> tasks are described by commands in emails to an "admin" address.
> Is anyone aware of a setup which might suit my situation?
> Cheers,
> Heath

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